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Connie Hvidberg Norup

The dynamic force running behind the Kongsgata44.  
She channels her studies and insights of Yoga, Energy and Spiritual developments into 3 major directions: Yoga practice, Mindfulness and Family Constellations and the synthesis through Individual sessions.

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Sandra  Meisel

Sandra teaches a dynamic form of yoga, where all poses are arranged in an intelligently sequenced flow. She takes her inspiration from questions daily life brings up, always encouraging to make the practice personal! Sandra is on maternity leave at the moment but normally  teaches weekly group and private classes, prenatal and office yoga. She also offers treatments in Thai- and Tulamassage.

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Bodhi Path is a worldwide network of centers and dharma groups founded by the 14th Shamar Rinpoche, also known as the 14th Shamarpa within Tibetan Buddhism.

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Dana Biechonski

Dana is a somatic bodywork therapist working with chronic pains, structural integration, body awareness, trauma related body & psychosomatic disorders. She is a certified Yoga and Acroyoga teacher as well as a student for somatic developmental psychology & body psychotherapy in DK.  She teach the Family Playground class and lead educational workshops around pain, fascia & movement. In special events you can also find her teaching a Yoga class. 


Kristina Telfer 

Kristina er sertifisert yogalærer og yogaterapeut, og har vært faglig leder på YogaIinjen ved folkehøgskolen på Hadeland (2010-2017). Hun har gjennom 20 år vært dedikert til yoga, og kontinuerlig fordypet sin viten og erfaringspulje gjennom egen kontemplativ praksis, og med nysgjerrig åpenhet utforsket forskjellige yogatradisjoner. 


Vanessa Wong

Yoga & Mindfulness Practice. 

Inspired by the power of Mindfulness and Yoga that lead people into a deeper relationship with themselves, Vanessa offers a down-to-earth, relaxed, and authentic approach to her teaching.

Tamar Shatz Sharoni

Tamar is a therapist with long and wide life experience and education. She is both a certified

physiotherapist and gestalt therapist, with over 25 years of practice.

She is whole-heartedly engaged in her work, with a focus on care and respect to the person she meets.

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Elisabeth Møller - Bjørklund


Anne Botnan-Hagland

Anne er utdannet sykepleier, og har de siste 15 årene drevet med trening og yoga innenfor flere yogaretninger. Hun er utdannet innen dynamisk yoga (Yoga London Y200), yogaterapi (Mediyoga lærer og terapaut 2015) og Kundalini yoga (2019). Hun har drevet undervisningsprogram for Mediyoga barn og ungdom i Stavanger siden 2016, og jobbet med flere prosjekter for å styrke barn og ungdoms psykiske helse. 

Hun underviser nå i Kundalini yoga i Kongsgata 44. Anne har selv hatt stor effekt av yogaens sterke virkning for å høyne sin egen bevissthet, intuisjon, og for å bedre fysisk, psykisk, mental og emosjonell helse. Timene er åpne for alle nivåer.

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Hege Seglem

Hege offers individual and group training in mindfulness. MBSR stress reduction program. Mindful Eating program for people struggeling with overeating. Hege is a certified MBSR mindfulness teacher and teacher in Mindful Eating - Concious Living.


The mindfulness training supports meeting ourselves and others with  curiosiity, care and compassion. It explores ways of calming body and mind, for less stress and worries, for taking care when in pain and for opening to the good things in life. 


Mindfulness opens to greater understanding and awareness of choices for how we think and act: how to relate to thoughts, feeling and body with kindness. Cultivating wise, open, peaceful relationship to yourself and the world around. 


Mobile: 41686172



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