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Dana Biechonski

Somatic bodywork therapist 

Trainer with Grey Top

Together with her therapeutical background, Dana is a certified Yoga teacher, 

Ashtanga vinyasa TTC. 

Hatha Tantra Yoga TTC. 

and Acroyoga TTC.

Parts of her educational path went through ashrams in the Himalaya.


She offer classes, workshops & individual sessions. 


Yoga Class

Family Playground 

Sunday's Morning 

Playground: a joyful way to connect.


Specially structured for parents & children, the playground activity strengthens the essential loving bond between parent & child through playful movement together.

The classes are a fusion of Yoga, AcroYoga, playfulness & movement. They are build according to the child´s developmental stage - based on psychomotoric theories.

Registration needed. *Will be back in the fall of 2018

Yoga at Home

Working with pain  

The majority of chronic pains are due to our  posture. The way we stand, walk, seat and  hold our body.      
The daily, repetitive movements we do and the way we do it Pain has tendency in us to contract, freeze, sometime numb parts of our body, they all  limit our movement and increase and expand  our pains.

Dana bring her knowledge from the clinic into the practice & the mat.  
This workshop is educational and build on a lecture for us to gain better understanding on our bodies & pain. 


Happen once a month in Kongsgata44 . 

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